Effectiveness Measurement

    • Digitally advertised materials are measurable in various ways as new technology in the internet now provides data capturing systems and services on how targeted audience response through a strategically placed ad or material on the net projected via graphical calculations and flexible projected dates of data capture..
    • These data reporting and statistics play a vital role to support the effectivity whether the campaign generated is effective not just in terms of concept, but the strategic location that you have selected to place your ads in relation to market niche, location of ad placements, form of material effectivity etc.

Media Reach Calculation and Reporting

  • We provide data reporting depending on the media engagement that the project has been made. Whether for the web (selected ad placements, web spots, full website), OOH (Out-of-home) LED billboards and Cinema ads, we can provide reports and data statistics on the response rate and covered hits of the marketing campaigns generated.
  • You may inquire on us on a meeting samples of reporting strategy that we provide for each and every media campaign that we offer.

Social Media Integration

  • We know that it is not new to your knowledge the very strong presence of social media websites that are being maximized by campaigns, businesses, brands, events, and almost all industries that promote certain agenda. Social media is an alernative way to get more direct and personal with your market by engaging them to easily follow a campaign as they personally browse their online activities. People are often present in social media pages, getting them to notice your presence during their online activity is already a hit.
  • Social media is not just a hit, it is also fast that any updates can be sent instantly to followers. There are just proper strategy on how to do the marketing intended for Social Media websites.

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